Continental Bulldog

A smooth-coated, almost square, medium-sized bulldog-type dog of athletic build. Despite his compact body, the Continental Bulldog is mobile and of staying power; his respiration even at full speed is noiseless. His weight, depending on his height, is between 20 and 30 kg. The head is less massive than that of the Bulldog. The forehead is flat to slightly domed, wrinkles existing but not too distinct. The underbite not so pronounced as that in the Bulldog. Short and strong, but not as short as to give the impression that the head sits directly on the shoulders. Well-arched neck line. Regular and fluid movement, good advancement of the forelegs, spacious thrust of the hind legs. The coat is smooth, short, with or without an undercoat. All colours which are accompanied by a dark nose are allowed: self-coloured, brindled or in combination with white, with or without black mask.

Our first Conti from France: UNE PERLE RARE DES DIEUX DE L'ARÈNE

Go-owner with Mallu Kumpulainen