Jack Russell Terriers

Black Malbec to Jiiteen Zakira (FCI)

                &    Jii-Teen Jackpot Marylee

Jack Russell Terrier

In 2001 I got my first Jack Russell Terrier Leijonamielen Rumppi Tuhmuri. It has got three litters; two with Korppiniemen Morris and one with RUS MVA Akim di Moncalvo. Jii-Teen Lissun Pimu is co-owned with Family Koivula. Jii-Teen Mussolini from the last litter stayed at home. Our N-litter is after Jii-Teen Lissun Pimu and Vitsuddens Molle.

In 2009 I did got our Snapjacks Catherine of Aragon (Tytti). She will be the first truly english jack russell at my kennel (in picture).

In 2011 I did got one russell more. Our Snapjacks Miss Pope after S.Catherine of Aragon. The father of this beautiful little girl is Coca Cola -Jr von Liechtenstein.

In 2013 Jii-Teen Sihu (in foto) and Jii-Teen Sooleawa did stay at home. Their parents are Snapjacks Catherine of Aragon and Jackobean Leccinum Versipelle.

In 2015 our T-litter was born and we left at home J.TaikaTyttö and J.Tolstoi.  The dam was Catherine of Aragon and the sire was Maiaran Dragon Spirit. 

In 2016 Jii-Teen B-litter born and Beauty did stay at home. Her sisters are keen on agility. The mother of this litter was Snapjacks Catherine of Aragon and sire was Cumbreck Edward Cullen. This was the last litter for Tytti. In future I do hope that her girls can continue her breeding line.

In 2017 Jii-Teen Candy Pie was born and stayed in our kennel. The mother was Jii-Teen Sihu and the father was Maiaran Dragon Spirit. 

In 2019 our J.Beauty made D-litter and the father was Loving Lancaster Dreamy Violetta JRT from Italy. We also did buy female pup from kennel Ällitällin. This Emily is living in Estonia with my friend Meelike.

In 2020 our J.Candy Pie made our J-litter with Ällitällin Icestorm. 

In 2021 our Ällitällin Lipstick get puppies with our Jii-Teen Tolstoi.

In 2023 we got a femalepup from kennel Leijonamielen. We did also buy import from Poland kennel Zakira Black Malbec to Jiiteen Zakira (FCI).